About Us

SMGK Group was conceived in the year 2000 by our Founder Chairman and Group President – Mr. Mohammed Ali Momin.

The Group has its strong foundations in the rich and varied experience of Mr. Momin since 1970. The growing reputation of our business house has been built over four decades o f tru st across all our stakeholders.

Contact Us

+91 22 2679 4006

SMGK House, Hill Park Complex, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai 400102.


Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions - Gnnovations

Gnnovations, a trading arm of SMGK Group,
is devoted to innovations in technology & sustainable practices that would push architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow. We have a holistic approach from designing to execution.

We love what we do as a practice & always aim to bring honesty in our relationship with our team of consultants, clients, contractors and suppliers for every project we take on. We aim to deliver sustainable solutions that will allow us to live well now, and ensure that our future generation will too.

To know more about the division and the products we offer, visit www.gnnovations.com