About Us

SMGK Group was conceived in the year 2000 by our Founder Chairman and Group President – Mr. Mohammed Ali Momin.

The Group has its strong foundations in the rich and varied experience of Mr. Momin since 1970. The growing reputation of our business house has been built over four decades of trust across all our stakeholders.

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SMGK House, Hill Park Complex, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai 400102. INDIA.



SMGK Foundation

Imparting good quality education, housing & medical assistance for underprivileged kids.

SMGK Foundation believes in providing quality education and inculcating a sense of nobility amongst the students studying at S.M.G.K Educational Complex. The institution is working tirelessly towards instilling the principles of integrity, moral uprightness, tolerance so that they can contribute to the society positively and can become means for a social change.

About the Foundation

A foundation built by conscience.

At SMGK Group, we are committed not just to provide better lifestyles but also to making the world a better place. Our efforts with helping the unprivileged and providing education, housing and medical to the needy, implementing best work practises towards a clean and green environment is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to social change, and to all things good and right.

Founded in 2005, SMGK Foundation equips children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, with the skills and knowledge they need, to grow up and move out of poverty. This takes them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods.

Since its inception, SMGK Foundation has transformed the lives of thousands of children and young people, helping them move out of poverty.

Working with underprivileged children to impart quality education, housing & medical assistance for a better future.

The Founding Story Professional Management and Ethical values.

As a long-term commitment towards the society, SMGK Group has incorporated dedicated charitable institutions such as SMGK Charitable Foundation and SMGK Foundation to impart education, and provide housing & medical assistance to the needy. The senior management of SMGK Group are also on the board of few other reputed charitable institutions like the Memon Educational & Welfare Society, which is presided by our Founder and Chairman - Mr. MohammedAli U.Momin.
SMGK GROUP's Founder and Chairman is also currently the President of "The Memon Educational and Welfare Society" (a pre-independence institution), Memon Publishing Board and Bombay Memon Education Society.

SMGK Education Complex was set up in 2005 under the FAIZ-E-MUHAMADI EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE TRUST (FEM) Trust.


The need to offer a comprehensive & sustainable childhood right up to livelihood Programme.


Children and young people are the future of our world.

To make the most of this enormous demographic potential, we need to fight poverty and unemployment – the twin nemesis that threaten to turn our demographic dividend into a disaster.

The fight against poverty begins at school. Enabling children to complete secondary education, imbuing them with life skills like teamwork, problem-solving, communication, making them more resilient to the fallouts of poverty, will set in motion the process to undo poverty.

SMGK Foundation with the help of its unique education and vocation based curriculum does just this. A greater self-efficacy and resilience among children would mean that we are building their ability to face life challenges and getting them prepare for life.

Educational Courses Courses offered by SMGK educational complex & approved by the Govt. of India

Play house , Lower KG and Upper KG for both English
medium as well as Gujrati medium

1st to 8th English medium for Boys & Girls
1st to 8th Gujraati medium for Boys & Girls

9th & 10th English medium for boys & girls
9th & 10th Gujrati medium for boys & girls

11th & 12th Science , Commerce and Arts for Boys & Girls

(All the classrooms are separated by genders)

B.Sc. for Boys and Girls
B.A for Boys and Girls

Visual - Views of the Educational complex

Facilities & Infrastructure Mission

● Multimedia classes
● Qualified Teaching Faculty
● Bus facility
● Well equipped building with vast playground
● Spacious class rooms
● Computer labs
● Library
● Science Labs
● Seperate buildings for girls and boys for English and Gujrati Medium
● Girls are provided with Ladies staff in a separate building.
● Hostel facilities in different buildings for girls and boys.
● Provision for healthy and nutritious food in a large Dining hall
● Free laundry service for the children.